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Resource Profile: OpenMRSObservation - Mappings

Active as of 2023-06-23

Mappings for the OpenMRS-observation resource profile.

Mappings for Workflow Pattern (


Mappings for SNOMED CT Concept Domain Binding (

Observation< 363787002 |Observable entity|
   status< 445584004 |Report by finality status|
   code< 363787002 |Observable entity| OR < 386053000 |Evaluation procedure|
   value[x]< 441742003 |Evaluation finding|
   interpretation< 260245000 |Findings values|
      type< 260245000 |Findings values| OR < 365860008 |General clinical state finding| OR < 250171008 |Clinical history or observation findings| OR < 415229000 |Racial group| OR < 365400002 |Finding of puberty stage| OR < 443938003 |Procedure carried out on subject|

Mappings for HL7 v2 Mapping (

   identifierOBX.21 For OBX segments from systems without OBX-21 support a combination of ORC/OBR and OBX must be negotiated between trading partners to uniquely identify the OBX segment. Depending on how V2 has been implemented each of these may be an option: 1) OBR-3 + OBX-3 + OBX-4 or 2) OBR-3 + OBR-4 + OBX-3 + OBX-4 or 2) some other way to uniquely ID the OBR/ORC + OBX-3 + OBX-4.
   partOfVaries by domain
   value[x]OBX.2, OBX.5, OBX.6
   noteNTE.3 (partner NTE to OBX, or sometimes another (child?) OBX)
   hasMemberRelationships established by OBX-4 usage
   derivedFromRelationships established by OBX-4 usage

Mappings for RIM Mapping (

ObservationEntity. Role, or Act, Observation[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN]
   statusstatus Amended & Final are differentiated by whether it is the subject of a ControlAct event with a type of "revise"
   category.outboundRelationship[typeCode="COMP].target[classCode="LIST", moodCode="EVN"].code
   encounterinboundRelationship[typeCode=COMP].source[classCode=ENC, moodCode=EVN]
   referenceRangeoutboundRelationship[typeCode=REFV]/target[classCode=OBS, moodCode=EVN]

Mappings for FiveWs Pattern Mapping (

   subjectFiveWs.subject[x], FiveWs.subject
   focusFiveWs.subject[x], FiveWs.subject

Mappings for SNOMED CT Attribute Binding (

   code116680003 |Is a|
   value[x]363714003 |Interprets|
   interpretation363713009 |Has interpretation|

Mappings for FHIR HL7 vs OMRS FHIR2 (Observation)

Observation is a FHIR resource that is used to support diagnosis, monitor progress, determine baselines and patterns and even capture demographic characteristics. As such, Observations have a wide range of uses and show up in a wide range of places. FHIR Observations are mapped to OpenMRS Obs objects.