OpenMRS FHIR2 Implementation Guide
0.1.0 - ci-build

OpenMRS FHIR2 Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Example ServiceRequest: Openmrs serviceRequest

Generated Narrative: ServiceRequest

Resource ServiceRequest "example-openmrs-ServiceRequest"

Profile: OpenMRS Service Request

identifier: id: 7d13b03b-58c2-43f5-b34d-08750c51aea9

status: completed

intent: order

category: Patient education (SNOMED CT#311401005)

code: Breast self-examination technique education (SNOMED CT#48023004)

subject: : Patient/5946f880-b197-400b-9caa-a3c661d23041, Jane Doe

occurrence: 2014-08-16

authoredOn: 2016-08-16

requester: : Angela Care, MD

performer: : Pamela Educator, RN