OpenMRS Core FHIR Implementation Guide
0.1.0 - ci-build

OpenMRS Core FHIR Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Example MedicationRequest: OpenMRS Medication Request Example

Generated Narrative: MedicationRequest

Resource MedicationRequest "OMRSMedicationRequestExample"

Profile: OpenMRS Medication Request

identifier: id: ?ngen-9?

status: active

intent: order

priority: urgent

medication: Cetirizine (

subject: Patient/example-openmrs-Patient " JEANNETTE"

encounter: Encounter/5b829d01-34bb-47d1-b1bb-9303c3a9ebcb

authoredOn: 2022-08-07

requester: Practitioner/7a9e2727-11ee-47ae-8af5-1dcf5337f7c2 " CAREFUL"


*1Code: 1/day x 7 days/weekUNKNOWN (


*010 tab (s)